アーティストステートメント 2017

– 天と地が転んだ、跳ねた –



I paint to observe unspeakable then my mind goes wondering about “being”. How are they all doing there, how are they constructed, and how am I in relation to them? The first line on a canvas creates certain space in surroundings which relation seems to hold great knowledge about be-ing. My attention is switched between the space and what is drawn. As I place more lines and space, I am in search of visual environment that would place me in harmonious arrangement within them.

As I place paint, my arm is stretched and something in me is transferred onto the canvas, and empty space is created in me in exchange, at the very same time the shape of me is traced, so then I draw the shape on the canvas and on and on. This is like when I reach down, I am pushed out. When I am pushed out then I pull to see. When I see then I am seen back, so then I reach again. Placing a line creates presence on the canvas, and my absence is silhouetted against it, and my presence is outlined against the absence, and so on and on.

When the rearrangement of presence and absence eventually start to create harmony, the void that includes everything emerges. All of the sudden the hidden great void that has been always there becomes to be recognizable. In the harmony backboned with the void, I let go of myself to be in concord with it and I be-come ‘being’, ‘I’ becomes ‘I am’. I create again and again to find sensation of being in the harmony. Its not only in paintings anymore. I create to find ‘I’ in every limited time and space.

アーティストステートメント 2013






Just like sciences observes nature to analyse, I paint and make to observe, then thoughts get unfolded. My primarily interest is in thoughts of ‘being’. First line on a blank canvas immediately create space, highliting physicality of ‘I’ on this side of canvas. Its merely illusional space on the surface yet gives impact to body and to senses. The composition created with color, lights, lines, and shapes forms meaning inside the world of mind, while body is obsorbed into the space. Painting is to express at the same time to seek in the order of the world and the universe that construct ‘I’.

My approach is to depict and compose space, which physical Absence, I believe, rhythmically highlight Presence, there in between I become ‘being’. ‘I’ becomes ‘I am’. What I am trying to do, afterall, is to show you this sensation so for ‘You’ to sense ‘You are’ in the order of universe. This is a paradox because you are already ‘you are’. Yet still, this is what I think what painting is about that our observariotn of the world make I/You want to to make this sensation in You/I.

アーティストステートメント 2009

科学が自然を観察して分析するように、私は絵をツクリながら観察をする。そうすると思考が始まる。私の主たる興味は ‘being’ にある。空白のキャンバスに線を引けば、たちまち空間が出現してキャンバスのこちら側の ‘I’ を際立たせる。その空間はただの仮想だけれど、身体と感覚と心は反応している。色と光、線とカタチが織りなすコンポジションが心の世界に意味を形成する。一方で身体は空間に溶込んでいく。絵をツクルことは表現であると同時に、世界の構造を分析して理解しようとする行為。それは ‘I’ を構成する宇宙の真理を理解しようとする行為。

私のやり方は空間を描写して構築すること。空間をコンポーズすること。空間が ‘無い’ 事は、リズムにのせて ‘在る’ 事を際立たせ、’私’ は ‘being’ になる。’I’ が ’I am’ になる。要するに私がやろうとしているのは、この ‘being’ の感覚をアナタにミセルこと。’You’ が ‘You are’ になるようなものをツクリたい。音楽に聴き惚れて無心になるように、海を眺めていておもわず深呼吸してしまうように、コンポジションにのせてアナタがアルことを体感できる何かをツクリたい。アナタはすでに ‘You are’ なのだからこれは矛盾しているけれど、 ‘being’ の感覚をアナタ/ワタシの中に繰り替えし確かめたいと思わせるなにかを含めて、私はこれが絵のなしえる技だし、存在理由なのだと思う。